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Dec 16

Why Older Adults Are So Susceptible to Financial Fraud

We hear a lot about the types of scams that seniors and families should be aware of, and this particular article details not only why older adults are targeted, but how it is that they become victims of financial fraud. Thanks for visiting us at Aviva Home Care. We provide in-home nursing care to area […]

Dec 1

Some Seniors Don’t Fully Recover From Hip Fracture

The main reason that fall prevention for seniors is so vital is because hip fractures can completely change their lives and the lives of their families. It is important for families to be realistic that many people do not fully recover from hip fractures, which can change their need for long-term care. Below are the […]

Nov 17

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Medicare Card in Your Wallet

The senior population is already very susceptible to identity theft and other financial scams, and so it stands to reason that Medicare Cards should be left at home as much as possible since they unfortunately have Social Security numbers on them. The following article details the change that will be taking place to replace Medicare […]

Nov 3

Eating for Longevity

It is easier said than done for most of us, but eating the right kinds of healthy foods can lead to a better quality life when we age. Read on to learn more about how eating healthy helps your body, and the types of foods that are best. Thanks for visiting us at Aviva Home […]