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Oct 4

5 Reasons Why Caregivers Aren’t More Engaged With Technology

Caregivers definitely need all the help they can get, and technology seems like it could be beneficial to caregivers. The following article offers some insightful reasons as to why caregivers aren’t embracing the technology that is available, since it may not help them in the ways they need. Read on to learn more, and thanks […]

Sep 26

How to Use Caregiving Apps to Help Aging Parents

More and more people are having to take on the role of caregiver as aging parents are starting to have difficulty living completely independently. The following article offers several apps for the technologically savvy among us that may help with keeping track of our elder’s care. However, don’t pass up the signs that an in-home […]

Sep 22

The Fit to Drive Test for Dementia Patients

It can be very difficult to get a person who is suffering from dementia to stop driving, and it is even harder for caregivers when there is not a way to medically forbid them from driving. The following article discusses some new tests that are available to doctor to determine if a person with dementia […]

Sep 19

What You Need to Know About Medicare

In case you do not know much about Medicare, the following article offers a really great overview of what you need to know and how to get enrolled. Thanks for visiting us at Aviva Home Care of Palm Beach County, Florida.  Just as most older Americans rely on Social Security for a significant chunk of […]