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Nov 17

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Medicare Card in Your Wallet

medicareThe senior population is already very susceptible to identity theft and other financial scams, and so it stands to reason that Medicare Cards should be left at home as much as possible since they unfortunately have Social Security numbers on them. The following article details the change that will be taking place to replace Medicare cards with a different ID system, and how long that endeavor will take. Thanks for visiting Aviva Home Care, serving senior residents throughout Palm Beach County, Florida.

ID thieves can do a lot of damage if they get your Social Security number, which is why we recommend that you don’t carry your Social Security card or number in your wallet. But Medicare beneficiaries are in a tough spot because SSN-based health claim numbers still appear on their Medicare cards. President Obama signed a law in April 2015 requiring the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to remove SSNs from Medicare cards, but the change is being implemented gradually: CMS will start sending the new cards in April 2018, but it will take until April 2019 before SSNs are removed from all cards.

Under the new system, a randomly generated 11-character Medicare Beneficiary Identifier will replace the SSN-based health claim number on your new Medicare card. You’ll get information in 2018 letting you know about the new Medicare card, with an explanation of how to use the new card and what to do with your old one. You can start using your new Medicare card with the new number as soon as you receive it, and there should be a transition period in 2018 and 2019 when you can use either the old card or the new card.

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